Good Morning, La Canada Flintridge

“Good Morning, La Canada”
9″ x 12″ oil on canvas on board

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In our small town, the streets aren’t usually this deserted in the morning, but during the holidays and early weekend mornings there’s definitely less traffic. I decided to leave out the random cars for the sake of reducing clutter.

La Canada Flintridge is a “bedroom” community of Los Angeles. Just 20 minutes or so from downtown, Foothill Blvd. is our main street. This is a view of the corner of Foothill and Oakwood, quite near the Vons market on the left, and La Canada Presbyterian Church on the right (that’s the spire that’s visible.)

After all the paintings I’ve done of Pasadena, the Arroyo Seco, Eaton Canyon, Hahamongna Park, Glendale, Descanso Gardens and other local sites, it’s really about time I got around to painting more of LC itself.

The last time I painted a vertical cityscape it was El Molino Avenue in Pasadena, near the Pasadena Playhouse. This one. So maybe it’s about time for another one.

Lake Casitas California Impressionist Landscape Oil Painting

Lake Casitas Sunset
16 x 20 oil on canvas

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One of the best bass fishing spots in California, so I’ve been told, is Lake Casitas in Ojai, not far from the Pacific Ocean and Carpinteria. The lake is formed by Casitas Dam and offers year round camping and other recreational activities. The day we were there it was late fall and more than a little crisp. I’m looking forward to returning again to be inspired by a different light and season.

What appealed to me about this location were the soft muted colors, slightly warmed by late afternoon light. Just an hour before or after it would not have revealed these jewel like tones.

California’s Rolling Hills – Impressionist Landscape Oil Painting

California’s Rolling Hills
9 x 12 oil on canvas panel
SOLD, but I have more rolling hill landscapes.
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I can’t count the times we’ve driven back and forth through California’s beautiful hills, decorated with stands of live oak trees. When we were first married we took many photo trips up and down the coastline, and these canyons and byways around Monterey were some of our favorite haunts. I never tire of painting them. Soon, these curvaceous hills will be covered with green grasses, a harbinger of spring. It doesn’t take long for the gold to turn to green.

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Cottonwood Dawn — California Impressionist Oil Painting – Eastern Sierras

Cottonwood Dawn
(near Bishop, California)
16 x 20 oil on canvas

Ths painting is sold but I have others of the Sierras in the fall. Write me.

Although the leaves are now fallen and scattered by the wind, the eastern Sierras still call me and evoke memories of golden glory. I understand that snow sometimes falls in Bishop, in the Owens Valley, but that it doesn’t stay on the ground long. How I’d love to go back there and see these meadows and cottonwoods clad in downy white. Maybe later in the season – I hope!

Carpinteria Bluffs Sunset Oil Painting – California Impressionist Karen Winters

Carpinteria Bluffs Sunset
16″ x 16″
oil on canvas

This is one of the paintings inspired by our recent trip to Carpinteria, on California’s central coast. The late afternoon marine layer had come in, shrouding the Channel Islands in a misty glow that reminded me of those tales of Arthurian Avalon. The sky colors were both delicate and intense their various layers, and this stately eucalyptus tree was bathed in all that glorious light.

I had not had the pleasure of visiting Carpinteria Bluffs before, but it’s a place that I want to return to, especially late in the day. So many beautiful vistas to enjoy.

Poppy and Mandarin Still Life – California impressionist Karen Winters

Poppies and Mandarins
14 x 18 oil on canvas
Painted from life

The brilliant but delicate iceland poppies form a backdrop for the mandarin oranges. Or perhaps they were tangerines or clementines. I can never be sure about citrus.
There is some glare on this painting because it’s soaking wet, but I hope it conveys the general idea. I’ll shoot another picture in a week or so when it is dry.

It has been pouring rain here, which we dearly need. Tomorrow morning I hope that I wake to see snow on the Angeles Crest mountains. If so, it will be a good day to go out and paint a rare scene. These mountains are infrequently dusted, and sometimes subsequent rains wash it away if there’s not sufficient cold. Blue skies, white snow and a few scantily-clad sycamore trees still holding onto their leaves like fan-dancers protecting their modesty. Brrr.

My interview on Creative Liberty

Pomegranates and sunflowers
11 x 14 oil on canvas

I was interviewed yesterday on Creative Liberty, a wonderful blog about living creatively. Liz Massey, the blog owner and a creative coach asked me some good questions for her “In the Studio” series, and I enjoyed the opportunity to talk about my work flow, staying “unblocked” and keeping my creative fires lit. Click the “creative liberty” link to read it.

California Sycamore – Tranquility – Ink Brush Painting

“California Sycamore – Tranquility”
18″ x 18″
SOLD (commission)

This is the matching painting which pairs with the California Live Oak which I posted yesterday. Together, the two frame the dining room door of gentle lady who commissioned their creation. There is always some serendipity with painting. You never know exactly what is going to happen when you put brush to paper, and this is no exception. I knew that I was going to do an ink brush drawing with wash, but when the ink separated on this particular type of paper, the component elements of the black ink separated into shades of gray and taupe … and the taupe is the exact shade of the paint under the wainscoting in her room. I took advantage of this characteristic of the ink to simulate the gray, white and taupe patches which are so characteristic of the California sycamore, but maintaining the feeling of an ink drawing.

Conceptually, the oak tree (seen yesterday) represents strength, stability, fortitude, structure, endurance. I painted the sycamore to represent shelter, grace, resilience and flexibility.

This Saturday night I’m looking forward to going to her Christmas party and seeing them hung in the room, all decked out and lit by candlelight.

California Oak Tree – Strength

18 x 18 ink and ink wash on paper
SOLD (commission)

This painting was done as a commission for a client and I have posted it here to show an example of my work.
Please do not use it without my permission. It is protected by copyright and is not “free” to use as you wish.
If you wish to use it commercially, it may be possible for you to license it.

Autumn Morning – Bishop, California – California impressionist oil painting by Karen Winters

Autumn Morning, Bishop
12 x 16 oil on linen on panel

The High Sierras rise in the background over a wildflower meadow in Bishop, California. Dawn light touches the peaks and the Owens Valley as well.

On Friday Dec, 5, I’ll be gallery sitting (and probably painting) at Descanso Gardens Art Gallery from 10 – 4 pm. Come say hello and keep me company and see the works of 19 artists, including four paintings of mine.

Then, on Saturday, at 5 pm, please join me at the Women’s City Club of Pasadena (Blinn House) for the opening wine and cheese reception of the California Art Club’s “Concerto of Color” show. Admission and parking are free and the artists would really appreciate a great turnout. The Blinn House show features artwork from CAC Associates from the whole state of California. This is the third time I’ve been honored to be included in the biannual show. It’s a wonderful way to kick off the holiday party season!