California’s Rolling Hills – Impressionist Landscape Oil Painting

California’s Rolling Hills
9 x 12 oil on canvas panel
SOLD, but I have more rolling hill landscapes.
Please visit my landscape painting page.

I can’t count the times we’ve driven back and forth through California’s beautiful hills, decorated with stands of live oak trees. When we were first married we took many photo trips up and down the coastline, and these canyons and byways around Monterey were some of our favorite haunts. I never tire of painting them. Soon, these curvaceous hills will be covered with green grasses, a harbinger of spring. It doesn’t take long for the gold to turn to green.

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  1. Timaree
    December 23, 2008

    Around Monterey?! This could be parts of Simi Valley too. So much of California looks like this. I haven’t had enough time lately to get my fill of looking at my favorite art sites. This was quite nice now that I am stealing a few moments from being a guest/helper at my daughter’s house.

    Hope you have a very merry Christmas.

  2. Anna Meenaghan
    December 26, 2008

    Just came across your blog for the first time and felt I had to leave a comment for you. Really loved what I have seen here. A wonderful painting with such beautiful colours and depth. I will definately come back from time to time to see your future work.
    All the best, Anna

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