Pasadena Arroyo Bridge Painting – Arroyo Bridge Reflections

Arroyo Bridge Reflections
9 x 12
oil on linen panel

This is a familiar scene I return to time and time again – a view of one of the arroyo seco bridges from down below. I have walked across that stream at varying depths – after a rain storm and in mid summer when the ground is just barely moist. There are often ducks down there which add to the tranquil scene.

Depending upon the time of day, the scene may appear cooler or more golden, as it does in afternoon light.

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Malibu Landscape Oil Painting – Creekside in Malibu

Creekside in Malibu
(Malibu Creek State Park)
11 x 14
oil on linen panel

Malibu Creek, in the Santa Monica Mountains, is swelling with winter rains, and the water is nourishing the surrounding lands. This painting celebrates the return of spring in one of our most beautiful local areas, Malibu Creek State Park.

This is an area that I love to visit and paint over and over again. The creek has many different moods depending upon the season and the weather. To see more of my malibu creek paintings, visit this link.

We’ve had a few days of sunshine here, but the rain is headed back again tomorrow. I don’t mind it too much because I know it means a fantastic springtime full of wildflowers. But I do thrive on the beautiful clear skies the way the weather was yesterday. Studio work is fun but plein air painting is the best.

This weekend I’m looking forward to welcoming some visitors to my studio who are interested in seeing some prints of my work. I think it’s time to put aside the brushes for a moment and rediscover the vacuum cleaner.

Sierra Joy – June Lake Loop – California Sierra oil painting

“Sierra Joy”
June Lake Loop area, near Rush Creek, featuring Carson Peak
20 x 24 inches oil on canvas
SOLD to a collector from Walnut Creek, CA

This one is sold, but you can see more Sierra Nevada paintings here

This is the next in my continuing series of paintings of the eastern Sierra, a studio painting based on plein air reference of a beautiful spot on the June Lake Loop, off of Highway 395. Aspens and rabbitbrush provided the warm color notes against the blue violet of Carson Peak. This location is not far from Grant Lake and Silver Lake if that helps in defining the locale.

I have spent so much time recently painting smaller paintings for shows, it feels good to stretch out and paint larger. For those of you who have been asking when I’m going to paint more large works, yes, they’re on the way.

Victorian Lady – Figurative Oil Painting

Victorian Lady
9 x 12

Along with my landscape painting, I’m getting interested in figurative work, and occasionally make time to paint from a live model as I did this last weekend at Randy Higbee’s studio in Costa Mesa. The assembled painters had the opportunity to paint this lovely woman, Toni, wearing one of her many period costumes. This one is reminiscent of a Victorian or Gibson Girl era. Rather than paint her in a contemporary style I chose to interpret her using a style more appropriate to that historical period. Painting out of my comfort zone is a lot of fun. It shakes things up and forces us to think differently about what we are doing.

Where my California landscapes might be right at home in a craftsman home or California bungalow, this one would probably fit in very well in one of those San Francisco “painted lady” Victorian parlors.

Sierra Storm – Sierra Nevada Oil Painting – California Landscape Painter Karen Winters

Sierra Storm
12 x 16 inches
Oil on linen panel

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In the fall, storms begin to gather over the Sierra, offering dramatic lighting effects. This storm was breezing up and brought two days of downpour in its wake. We outran it and came back to paint another day. The sage and rabbit brush looked wonderful rimlit by the sun.

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Sierra Peak Study – Sierra Nevada Oil Painting

Sierra Peak Study
6″ x 6″
oil on canvas

This small painting is a study preparatory to a larger commissioned painting I am working on. I thought I would take one of the peaks in the range and explore some possibilities of color and brushwork before diving into the larger wide panorama. This is a mountain outside of Bishop, California, touched by the morning sun in early November. Painting loosely, my objective was to work with the inherent complementary scheme in order to learn how I would need to make adjustments on the larger piece.