Rush Creek Remembered commission (Sierra oil painting)

“Rush Creek Remembered” – 40 x 60 inches – June Lake Loop, eastern Sierra, California

This extra large painting of Carson Peak and Rush Creek, Eastern Sierra, was finished last winter, and I’ve just now had the time to share it online.
The painting is 40 x 60 inches, and the location is part of the June Lake Loop, just a little north of Mammoth Lakes, California.

For the last two years, I’ve spent a great proportion of my time working on commissions – large, medium and small … and now I’m returning to painting some things for my own inventory – for sale.
The collector who commissioned this owns a cabin in the area but has since relocated to Tennessee, and wanted to bring a little bit of the Sierra to their new home. The dog was a constant fishing companion and passed away a few years ago. I was happy to include her in this scene.

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Buffalo Fork, Snake River, Wyoming oil painting

Buffalo Fork, Snake River
9 x 12 oil painting
(near Moran, Wyoming)

Another painting from our Wyoming/Jackson/Yellowstone adventure. I’ll have more soon, including some with wildlife. The Snake River was low as it flowed through this area, but I liked the way it formed reflective puddles, which wouldn’t have happened if it had been more free flowing. The time of year was late September, and Yellowstone was almost closed for the season.
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El Capitan Summer Yosemite oil painting

El Capitan Summer
9 x 12 inches
oil painting on oil primed linen

The view of El Capitan from the Merced River is one of my favorite sights in Yosemite. I always enjoy returning to paint there, any time of year. One of these days I’ll brave the elements and do a winter painting with snow capping the rocks. For now, the summer greens decorate the scene.

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Yosemite Sentinel Bridge Reflections – Half Dome oil painting

“Sentinel Bridge Reflections”
Half Dome, Yosemite Valley

16 x 20 inches, oil on canvas

This painting is quite special to me as it was the 1000th one I completed. I thought I had posted it on my blog last year, but discovered that I missed it.
If you’ve been to Yosemite Valley, you’ll recognize the view from Sentinel Bridge, with Half Dome reflected in the calm waters. With our current snowmelt, I’m guessing that the Merced River is anything but calm right now.

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Zion National Park, Utah, plein air landscape painting

“Virgin River, Zion National Park”
9 x 12 oil on plein air panel

A beautiful summer day in Zion National Park, Utah, down by the river. The water level was low, but flowing. We had just returned from a hike up to the Emerald Pools, and the water looked so refreshing. This was the first time I’ve visited Zion, but it won’t be the last.

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Truckee snowbank – Lake Tahoe river landscape painting

“Truckee Snowbank”
12 x 16 oil painting on canvas

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For the last several years, we’ve headed up to Lake Tahoe between December and February to take in the beautiful sights. This year we spent Christmas there with our family, and although there was a fair amount of overcast and snowy skies, the blue peeked through now and then. I am always a pushover for strong complements in landscapes and this riverside scene provided some of the colors I love best.

Russian River oil painting

Russian River Drifting
8 x 10 inch
Original oil painting on panel


The Russian River, in Northern California, near Guerneville, is a wide tranquil river (in summer at least) where people come to swim and float rafts, and to kayak. Our daughter did a 2 mile swim in it one July a few years ago when she was participating in “Barb’s Race” triathlon. A wet suit helped keep out the cold.

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Along Bishop Creek 8 x 6 California landscape oil painting

Along Bishop Creek
8 x 6 inch oil painting

Bishop Creek in the High Sierra is a blaze of color in the fall, when the aspens turn. This miniature painting features the brilliance of the foliage in contrast to the cool rush of water.More Sierra Nevada paintings here

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West Fork Carson River California Landscape painting

“Go with the Flow”
18 x 24 original oil painting
(West Fork, Carson River)

Not too long ago we took a trip to Northern California and discovered this beautiful area not far from Lake Tahoe. Fall had not arrived in its full beauty yet, but the willows along the bank of the Carson River had already turned soft shades of orange. I can only imagine how beautiful this would look covered in snow. This part of the west fork winds through an open meadow in Hope Valley. It’s a place that I hope to return to to paint again. A river, mountains, hills, a meadow – this scene just had it all.

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San Luis Obispo Creek Oil Painting

San Luis Obispo Creek
9 x 12 inch oil painting

(this view features a bridge over the creek. I chose an angle that did not show the cement walkways, as I prefer the natural look.)

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San Luis Obispo Creek winds through the Central California city of San Luis Obispo, before emptying into the Pacific Ocean near Avila Beach. Numerous restaurants line the banks of the creek, and if you eat on one of their patios during the summer, you’ll be treated to the sounds of a chorus of frogs. Occasionally steelhead trout can be seen in the waters. An annual cleanup day keeps the creek in good condition, a source of pride for the community.