Pasadena Arroyo Bridge Painting – Arroyo Bridge Reflections

Arroyo Bridge Reflections
9 x 12
oil on linen panel

This is a familiar scene I return to time and time again – a view of one of the arroyo seco bridges from down below. I have walked across that stream at varying depths – after a rain storm and in mid summer when the ground is just barely moist. There are often ducks down there which add to the tranquil scene.

Depending upon the time of day, the scene may appear cooler or more golden, as it does in afternoon light.

Visit this link to see more Pasadena and Arroyo Seco area paintings.


  1. Cafe Pasadena
    March 6, 2010

    I almost want to say your painting looks better than the real thing!

  2. Cheap Oakleys
    April 7, 2016

    I aquired photovault last week and that i need to claim Me Happy by it. The mp3 player touch’s photograph gallery seemed to be reasonably shoddy for me… THIS alternatively is fantastic. We failed to quite need the ability to pass word issues away (though it is neat)- in person I aquired this i really could possibly really arrange my very own photographs and never having to sit on schooling that version applying itunes (VERY inconvenient).
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