My interview on Creative Liberty

Pomegranates and sunflowers
11 x 14 oil on canvas

I was interviewed yesterday on Creative Liberty, a wonderful blog about living creatively. Liz Massey, the blog owner and a creative coach asked me some good questions for her “In the Studio” series, and I enjoyed the opportunity to talk about my work flow, staying “unblocked” and keeping my creative fires lit. Click the “creative liberty” link to read it.


  1. Van
    December 14, 2008

    Great interview, Karen! I didn’t realize you had written a book on learning Photoshop. That is one of my immediate goals, so I’ll put the book on my list to buy next. (I’ve been bribing myself to write morning pages by putting a dollar in a jar every day I do it, so I can save enough money to buy a book at the end of the month. I really works!)

    Thanks for the advice about choosing friends. I know a gifted photographer who has worked terrifically hard the past few years to push his career forward, and his work is starting to appear in galleries and juried shows. But whenever he has the opportunity, he complains to me about the hassles of promoting photography. I get the impression he thinks I should concentrate on writing and not try to do photography (is he jealous that I do both?). But I’m happier when I have my fingers in several different projects at once, in fact my writing practice benefits from keeping a daily photography journal, and I can imagine how exciting it would be to put some of those images in a show.

    I can’t cut this person out of my life, and I admire his work a lot, but I think I need to stop relying on him as a source of advice. He’s the only serious photographer I hang out with regularly. Probably I need to change that.


  2. Ann
    December 14, 2008

    Thank you Karen for sharing such an insightful interview. Much good wisdom there and I am sure I will revisit to read it again and again. Lovely painting too!

  3. Jo Castillo
    December 14, 2008

    This is a great interview, Karen. Your work is wonderful and you are an inspiration with your hard work. I love this piece, red reaches out and grabs you/me. :)

  4. christine
    December 15, 2008

    That was a wonderful interview, Karen! I had to chuckle to myself. You see, you had written a very insightful comment on my blog when I was just getting started, encouraging me to use Photoshop as a learning tool while trying to figure out some of the problems with my paintings. And now to find out you literally wrote the book on Photoshop, lol! I will need to get a copy ASAP!

    Your pomegranate painting is just luscious — such beautiful, rich colors!

  5. Aslam
    December 16, 2008

    Great interview.

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