California Sycamore – Tranquility – Ink Brush Painting

“California Sycamore – Tranquility”
18″ x 18″
SOLD (commission)

This is the matching painting which pairs with the California Live Oak which I posted yesterday. Together, the two frame the dining room door of gentle lady who commissioned their creation. There is always some serendipity with painting. You never know exactly what is going to happen when you put brush to paper, and this is no exception. I knew that I was going to do an ink brush drawing with wash, but when the ink separated on this particular type of paper, the component elements of the black ink separated into shades of gray and taupe … and the taupe is the exact shade of the paint under the wainscoting in her room. I took advantage of this characteristic of the ink to simulate the gray, white and taupe patches which are so characteristic of the California sycamore, but maintaining the feeling of an ink drawing.

Conceptually, the oak tree (seen yesterday) represents strength, stability, fortitude, structure, endurance. I painted the sycamore to represent shelter, grace, resilience and flexibility.

This Saturday night I’m looking forward to going to her Christmas party and seeing them hung in the room, all decked out and lit by candlelight.


  1. Timaree
    December 6, 2008

    I find it interesting that when you look at the two of them together the sycamore is lighter on top with darker roots which balance the oaks darker top with lighter roots. Perhaps it doesn’t look like that in person but it does on the sidebar when I look at both together. I like that effect – a great pair.

  2. e j mordasky
    December 6, 2008

    Now that job is done and what a success—just lovely! Will you take any photos when you go?

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