Crystal Crag Mammoth Lakes – oil painting

“Crystal Crag – Mammoth Lakes”

8 x 10 inches, oil on linen panel


Crystal Crag is an iconic granite structure towering over the Mammoth Lakes basin. It can be seen from Lake Mamie, Lake Mary, Lake George and Crystal Lake. The peak of the monolith is 10,364 feet high. This is a late summer/early autumn view. 

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Twin Lakes, Mammoth, California oil painting – Stone and Stillness

Stone and Stillness –
Twin Lakes, Mammoth Lakes, CA
9 x 12 oil on hardboard

This is a painting from this past summer when we visited Mammoth Lakes, California, which is probably now covered in snow.
The huge granite cliffs towering over Twin Lakes attracted me to the scene. If you’ve ever taken a canoe or small boat on the lake or gone fishing from the bridge, you probably have fond memories of the place, too. Every time we’ve been there – except in winter – there are always people enjoying the recreation.

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Mammoth Snowcreek Landscape Oil Painting – California impressionist oil painting snow scene

Snowcreek at Mammoth
6 x 8 inches oil on canvas

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The combination of autumn russets and deep mountain blues at Mammoth was a compelling late fall image to paint. The soft scattering of melting snow brought an interesting texture that reinforced this transitional season. Soon the glittering golds will be gone and all will be covered in a gentle white quilt. I’ll have to return to paint that scene, too.

Willows are blazing with color everywhere there is a stream or creek in the Sierra. The Inyo National Forest is glorious to behold right now.

Crystal Crag -Mammoth Lakes California Snow Sierra Landscape Painting

Crystal Crag (view from Lake Mary)
Mammoth Lakes, California
5 x 7″

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The first snow at Mammoth Lakes, California, dusted the Crystal Crag formation overlooking Lake Mary. More storms would follow creating tall drifts contrasting vividly with the blue of the water. This seemed to be a good subject for a winter scene, although the time was truly in late fall. The late afternoon sun gave a slightly warm glow to the white snow. In nature, white is rarely, if ever, pure white. It is always picking up color from the environment, including the warm light of the sun, or cool skylight in shade.