Ojai Valley Painting Study

Ojai Valley Study
5″ x 7″ oil on canvas panel

Here’s another small color study, as I organize my thoughts about painting this view in a larger size.

When we visited the William Wendt exhibit recently, at the Laguna Art Museum, I observed that he frequently used diagonals in the foreground, either in the form of a road or overlapping hills, to lead the eye into the picture. This scene provided the opportunity to experiment with that lead-in style. I see several things I would do differently in a larger painting, but this small study served its purpose.

If you’re in LA, please join me and 19 other artists for the Pasadena Society of Artists New Members Show reception. The place: White’s Art and Framing … 2414 Honolulu Blvd., Montrose, CA 91020 (818) 957-4071. Time: 2-4 pm.


  1. Bill
    January 21, 2009

    I like this Karen, your usual pleasing combo of colors.
    And, I think you are onto something about the diagonals as a more dynamic composition and a lead-in. Flat foregrounds can get monotonous.
    I think you’re ready to go for it, but at the rate you usually move, you’re probably around in the midst of it!

  2. Bill
    January 21, 2009

    By the way, I mistyped “yahoo” in my email address.

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