Newport Back Bay Sunset – California Landscape Painting

Newport Back Bay Sunset
5 x 7 inch
Oil on canvas panel

This small study was painted to make some design decisions about a larger painting of Newport’s Back Bay, where we visited last week. At sunset the colors of the sky are reflected in the marshy area. The trees probably weren’t this close together (the opening to the sea is larger) but I reserve the right to tinker with the composition whenever I choose.

The rain has mostly stopped here in LA, and that means that later this afternoon we should see some dramatic skies with the clouds breaking up and leaving. If it’s not too cold I might try to get ut and paint a bit.

OK, away from they keyboard and back to the easel for me! I’m working on a large (24 x 30) commission and I need to keep on-task.


  1. Leslie Saeta
    February 17, 2009

    A beautiful painting my dear. Very soothing and peaceful and great use of color. Thank goodness the rain is heading out of town!

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