Flint Canyon Trail, Autumn – Five Years of Blogging

Flint Canyon Trail – Autumn – La Canada Flintridge
16 x 20 oil on canvas

Celebrating five years of blogging


Today marks 5 years of blogging from when I first opened an account on Live Journal. It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve enjoyed all the learning and friendships that have come out of it. Back in the day, there was no artwork on my blog. I didn’t feel like sharing my sketchbooks and journals, but eventually took the plunge.

In five years, I’ve seen the power of social networking to help people make connections, discover new techniques, teach each other and experience each others’ triumphs and tragedies, artistic and otherwise. I know that my life has been enriched by not only the daily discipline of making art and blogging but the encouragement I’ve received from so many of my readers. I hope that I’ve been able to pay that good will forward when I can.

One of the great things about blogging, as opposed to just building a static website, like mine, is the daily interactivity it allows. I know that if I ran into a dead end trying to answer a question or track down an art supply, that I could post a question and some kind soul would know the answer and help me out. So even though we may work alone, we are still part of a vital, supportive and interactive community.

Recently, I’ve taken another step – to get involved in the Facebook community. So if you’ve got an account look me up


  1. Stephanie
    July 29, 2008

    Hi there and congratulations on your 5 year anniversary. Wow! didyou ever think that you’d still be blogging after all that time? I love the new painting. it’s so interesting how you can capture sunlight and have it pour out in just the right places in your paintings. I’m in awe of your abilities and your persistance in learning new things. cheers!

  2. Susan
    July 29, 2008

    Karen, I can’t imagine just how many people you have encouraged, inspired and advised in the past 5yrs of sharing. Thank-you for every step of your journey.

  3. Ann
    July 29, 2008

    Congrats on your anniversary!
    Beautiful painting – I really like the composition with the path leading you into the picture. And of course the light is lovely too.

  4. Lindad T
    July 29, 2008

    Congratulations, Karen, and this painting is just wonderful. You are capturing so much of the landscape and wild places where you live.

  5. Timaree (freebird)
    July 29, 2008

    Congratulations. Another beautiful painting. I love to see California come to life in your paintings. Blogging is wonderful especially for those who aren’t near to people who share the same interests. I haven’t yet made the Facebook jump. Probably will as it seems easier to keep up than to catch up.

  6. delph
    July 30, 2008

    It’s beautiful, these shadows seem very fresh and inviting! Congratulations for your five years anniversary!

  7. Katherine
    July 30, 2008

    Karen – you were one of the first people I found when I started blogging and you were certainly one of the people who inspired me to keep going as I could see you’d already been doing it for a while. I would certainly regard you as a pivotal figure in the art blogging world!

    It’s also been wonderful watching the development of your painting in terms of subject matter, media and style. The painting you’ve chosen for your anniversary post is a stunner!

    Many congratulations on your blog’s 5th birthday – and long may you continue!

  8. Luba
    July 30, 2008

    Karen, the light in this painting is beautiful! Congrats on the 5-years, too!!

  9. teric
    July 30, 2008

    Congratulations Karen. You have certainly been a big influence in my life and so many others, with your beautiful art and helpful nature!

  10. Barbara Weeks
    July 30, 2008

    Congratulations and thank you for all the inspiration you provide to me and to many others I’m sure.

  11. Dianne Mize
    July 30, 2008

    Karen, I only recently discovered you and love your work, especially this piece published today. Congratulations on your blogging anniversary. I look forward to prowling your archives and watching your growth.

  12. Pat Meyer
    July 30, 2008

    Congrats on your 5 years. That is just wonderful and allot of blogging.

  13. Annie
    July 31, 2008

    Morning sunlight and dappled shadows. A beautiful
    way to start the day and celebrate your five years,
    Karen. That encouragement and sharing works both ways
    and you have enriched our lives, too, along your Journey.
    Many many of us thank you.

    I feel an attack of Big Mouth coming on so I’ll finish this on
    an email.

  14. Cathy (Kate) Johnson
    July 31, 2008

    Happy Anniversary! Or is that happy birthday! Anyway, hooray…your blog’s been a real inspiration over the years.

  15. toni
    August 1, 2008

    Hey Karen congratulations on the five years. Yes I’m still around and check in on you:)

    You have been a great influence on me also. thanks and loving how far you have come and how much you have achieved.

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