Harvest – Still Life Daily Painting – Karen Winters

“Harvest” 8 x 10 oil

Persimmons are still in season around here, so I decided to do another still life including one. This is a lot looser than most of the oil paintings I’ve been doing, and I enjoyed the opportunity to try something different. This was painted from life using reasonably thick paint and larger brushes than those I normally use. I had intended to push the abstract qualities even farther, but this was about as painterly as I could manage at the moment. Next time I do a still life maybe I can nudge it even a little more in that direction. Although it’s still a month or more away, I’m beginning to get a few notions about what I want to learn and explore in 2008. Opinions about this different approach?


  1. Sharon M.
    November 20, 2007

    I love this! – the loose brushwork and rich colors are beautiful!

  2. Ujwala
    November 20, 2007

    this still life is beautiful. love the way you’ve captured light in it.

  3. Casey
    November 21, 2007

    I think this is beautiful – I love the painterly approach.

  4. Jo Castillo
    November 21, 2007

    Karen, this is just great. Very descriptive even though it is loose. Nice work. Happy Thanksgiving.


  5. Dee
    November 22, 2007

    Karen, I really like this still life. It has a nice free loose feel and nice color combinations. Nice job. Happy Thanksgiving Day to you!

  6. Jana Bouc
    November 23, 2007

    I like the looser more painterly effects–there’s a way it gives the viewer’s eyes more to play with I think. It makes me feel more interested in exploring the different areas for a longer time than if everything was completely perfectly illustrated in great detail.

  7. Karen
    November 23, 2007

    Thank you, everyone.
    Jana, I recently read somewhere that paintings that are less “on the nose” can be more entertaining to look at because it asks the viewer to bring their own interpretation of it. I experienced this recently when some people were looking at one of my paintings at an art show and one of the visitors mentioned that she liked ‘not knowing’ exactly what an abstract patch of color in the distance was. It could be a bush, a tractor, a part of a shed – essentially whatever you want it to be. So the viewer becomes engaged and can develop a relationship to the painting that may change over time.

  8. Linda
    November 25, 2007

    I also like this loose approach. You’ve very aptly described the important items, and every brushstroke is fresh. I think it’s a good direction for you!

  9. Sherie
    January 3, 2010

    Wow, you are brave to step out of your comfort zone and I am very admirable of you for doing it. This is beautiful. So loose and painterly and I just love the shine on the pitcher. Sweet.

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