Climbing Rose Oil Painting

“Climbing Rose” 5 x 7 oil on canvas on board

This is the second in what will be an ongoing series of rose portraits – at least as long as they keep blooming, which will probably be a few more weeks from the looks of things at Huntington Gardens and Descanso Gardens. I think it’s the warm weather that is encouraging this last flush to be so abundant. This climber was twirling itself around a trellis without a care in the world.

Here we are eagerly anticipating the return of our daughter from business school in Chicago. We’re clearing away the residue of months of back to back art shows and getting seriously organized until the next wave begins. Any day now I’ll have to give some attention to my garden which has been sorely neglected. Ironic, that. I spend more time painting flowers than pruning my own. If only there were a way to add an extra 10-12 hours a day I’d be just fine.


  1. wendy
    November 20, 2007

    The roses are rampant here in Geelong at present – after a heavy rain three weeks ago and sunshine. I find them hard to draw and end up with a cold looking drawing. Too heavy-handed I think. They need to be treated with softness. Maybe pastels would work well. Your painting of course, as usual, is fine.

  2. n.b.
    November 25, 2007

    So lovely!

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