In the Garden

“In the Garden” 9 x 12 – oil on canvasboard

I tried posting this using Qumana, the blogging application that lets you compose a blog posting in a dedicated application (not a browser.) Although I like the ability to add formatting easily, I don’t see a way to preview my post, which I could do in Safari. Nuts.


Update: Well, sigh. That was a bust. I reopened the file in Safari and removed the garbage that Qumana added, while NOT allowing me to insert the link to my image from my server. It was a good idea, but didn’t work, unfortunately.

The painting was fun to do. I was in the mood for creating a pattern of botanical textures, rather than anything too literal. I can treat the garden as a patchwork quilt of designs and colors, seamed together with light

  1. Patsy Terrell
    August 22, 2007

    Hi Karen… I use qumana… use the “insert html” box near the top right… then you put in your html for the pic and if it’s already uploaded (of course!) it will automatically pop up in the qumana box. I used to use multi-blog, but the creator of it didn’t want to update to work with the new blogger so I had to find something else. Qumana is all I could find that will post to multiple blogs at one time. If you know of something else I’d love to know. Thanks!