Two Old Pomegranates – Daily Painting

“Two Old Poms” 5 x 7 oil painting on canvasboard – SOLD

When we were up in the Ojai area a week and a half ago, we drove by a cluster of bright yellow bushes, probably eight feet tall, that had bright red fruit on them. We overshot this sight, so we turned around and made a second pass, pulling over onto the rough shoulder of the road. I jumped out of the car with my camera to take a batch of paintings of ripe pomegranates, hanging on the tree. I wasn’t about to pinch any of the fruit off the bushes, but I did pick up two of the poms that had recently fallen into the ditch, and which had not broken open upon falling. No doubt they had recently come off the tree in the heavy winds.

So they’ve been sitting around the kitchen and today I decided to paint them by the light of my office window.


  1. shavenwarthog
    December 12, 2006

    yay! I love pomegranates — they’re a magical fruit — so weird. Figs are another one, as they’re pollinated by this oddly-shaped wasp; you can see the hole in the bottom of each fig.

    My pomegranate is waiting for the right recipe, and/or for my brain to unfreeze so I can paint them. Yum!

  2. Casey
    December 13, 2006

    Beautiful painting Karen. I love this sort of intimate still life, and I’m really enjoying what you’ve been doing with oils lately.

  3. Anastasia
    December 13, 2006

    I love Pomegranates….what a shame they were just left there
    my parents have a pomegranate tree in their yard so we eat them often!
    a great painting!

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