Eaton Canyon Abstract

This was one of the other watercolor sketches that I did on our paint out day last Tuesday. (Compare with the other sketch – scroll down.) It was toward the end of the morning and I just grabbed a smaller piece of Fabriano to experiment on with more calligraphic brushwork. I had no expectations which was quite freeing, actually. The limited palette encouraged me to think more about shape and value and less about mixing a whole bunch of colors. Some was painted wet in wet, and some painted after it dried. I’m thinking that this might be a good warmup exercise for the next outing, but because the light continues to degrade as the morning goes on, I usually want to get busy on a bigger piece.


  1. Virginia Hanley
    September 22, 2006

    Lovely loose and free piece. You are an inspiration to me.

  2. Jean Mikulla
    September 23, 2006

    Very nice sense of place. I like the more abstract look. Jean

  3. Felicity
    September 23, 2006

    Lovely, quite a different feel to your usual (if there is such a thing!) paintings. BTW, I love the colours in your new header!

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