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Sorry, no drawing this time.

This is the first Thanksgiving since our kids were born that we and they are apart. And not just a few miles, but a continent. Daughter Kel (24) is working in New York on a transfer from her LA office, and our son Mike (20) (the Daily Bruin photog) had the opportunity to go to the city to shoot a Bruin basketball tournament in Madison Square Garden. So the two of them are hanging out for the holiday, having gigabytes of photographic fun and cramming all the enjoyment they can into the short weekend. Parades, skating, subway riding, coffeehouse crawling, the whole schmear.

When your kids are young and tormenting each other, and their most common term of endearment is “butthead,” you keep wondering and worrying how it will all turn out. Will they grow up and go their separate ways, as happens in some families? Will there be awkward moments between “pass the stuffing” and “thanks for the pie” as everyone grits their teeth, trying to be civil? Will every family reunion turn into a snipefest? Or will they grow into caring adults who actually enjoy each other’s company? Ten years ago I wasn’t sure. But that’s in the past.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. And may you all be as blessed this holiday season as I feel tonight.


  1. Kelly
    November 24, 2005

    As we are sitting in my apartment, eyes glazed with repletion (well, Mike’s are closed entirely), I assure you we are both reflecting on how thankful we
    are to have both each other, and such caring and considerate parents. Although we missed you both dearly today, I am very thankful to have had
    Mike here with me today to share the holiday. (Er, and our eight new Aussie friends.)

    We saw the parade today and took a million photos, ate turkey with Australians, and strolled through Central Park at dusk. We had a fabulous day,
    and the only thing that could have improved upon it would have been to have shared it with both of you.

    Can’t wait to see you both at Christmas.

    Your mice

  2. Laura
    November 25, 2005

    What handsome people your children are.

  3. Linda
    November 26, 2005

    Laura’s right — your children are VERY nice looking! And they’re enjoying Thanksgiving in New York — that’s a treat for them!!
    I know what you mean about them being away from you, though; my daughter had to stay home in Florida this year, and it’s just not the same. We’re so lucky that we have good relationships with our children, though, because so many people don’t.

  4. Loretta
    November 26, 2005

    What a lovely family you have, Karen. I’m hoping they dressed warmly because it’s freaking cold around here today! glad you will all be together at Christmas.

  5. Redondowriter
    November 27, 2005

    I agree–happy and good looking kids–and how nice for them that they were able to spend it together. Thanks for your kind words about acrophobia. I don’t like things without sides either, or low railings, but just being up high doesn’t bother me. I love the glass outdoor elevators like outside the Bonaventure (do they call it that still?).

  6. Painter Woman
    December 4, 2005

    My DD came in from Boston (to Texas) for Thanksgiving. My son (finishing his M.Ed at Indiana U) is low on funds AND very involved with an Indiana Native– which translates into Hubby and I being on our own for Christmas this year… He’s used to it because he was single for lots of years before we married… I’m sort of used to it because of the “alternate year holidays” that come with a divorce. but I agree that it is wonderful to know that your family WANTS to be together and that when they are, they get along. (It wasn’t that way in previous generations… so geting our DNA headed in a different direction is something I am proud of.

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