November Bloom – Lone Pine Eastern Sierra oil painting

“November Bloom”
20 x 24 oil painting
Eastern Sierra, Lone Pine, Mt. Whitney Portal area

Not for sale – I’m keeping this in my own collection. But I will paint something very similar for you. Please inquire

Time and again I return to this area of the Eastern Sierra where the Mt. Whitney Portal road crosses the Owens Valley and leads up to the trailhead to Mt. Whitney. Many of my collectors have climbed that awesome peak once or more. November brings out a wonderful wildflower show which is worth seeing in person.
This painting was intended to be a centerpiece of spring 2020 shows, before the pandemic got in the way.

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Colorado Street Bridge, Pasadena – with poppies – oil painting

“Colorado Street Bridge with Poppies” 16 x 20 inches, oil on linen panel

Well, I spent a good part of the fall and winter getting ready for spring shows, only to have them all be cancelled due to this terrible pandemic we’re experiencing. But I am still keeping very busy in the studio, and hoping that things will be back to normal for later on in the summer and fall.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying the time to study, explore new subject material and to continue to create without the pressure of pressing deadline.

This new painting features Pasadena’s iconic Colorado Street Bridge from a new (for me) angle, including a bonus of California poppies, which used to grow in profusion in the San Gabriel Valley.

This painting is available now, and we can certainly work out a safe method of purchase if you or someone you know is interested in owning it.

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“Season of the Superbloom” oil painting California poppies


“Season of the Superbloom”
California poppies
9 x 12 inches, oil painting on linen plein air panel

There’s no doubt, this past springtime, 2019, was one of the best seasons ever for wildflowers in California. At least one of the best in recent memory. There was a time when all of the hills and valleys were covered with these spectacular blooms from north to south.

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Sierra September – California impressionist Sierra landscape – June Lake Loop – 395

“Sierra September”
18 x 24 oil painting on canvas
Early autumn on the June Lake Loop, Highway 395, Eastern Sierra
SOLD … but I have more Sierra paintings at Sierra Paintings


This painting is another in a series exploring the dramatic lighting effects that occur in the later afternoon when clouds form over the Sierra Nevada, casting shafts of light into the Owens Valley below. I love the interplay of warm and cool colors dancing across the near-autumnal landscape. The ever changing patterns create interesting compositional challenges which can best be solved in the studio.


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A perfect poppy day California poppies landscape painting

“A perfect poppy day”
9 x 12 inch oil painting on plein air panel

It’s poppy time in the high desert – the Antelope Valley – and this year’s rains mean everything is positively brilliant.
This new painting of California poppies blooming as far as the eye can see also includes touches of lupine, fiddlenecks, and other spring flowers.

My California poppy paintings sell quickly every year, so don’t hesitate if this one calls to you.

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For the Glory of the Skies – Sierra California impressionist landscape

For The Glory of the Skies

20 x 24 inches
Oil on canvas

SOLD, private collection

This new painting was inspired by the old hymn “For the Beauty of the Earth,” a song of Thanksgiving I learned as a child. I recalled the second line … “for the glory of the skies” … the moment I saw this scene in California’s Owens Valley, in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada, near the June Lake loop. The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas seemed an apt time to share it for the first time. If you are in Southern California, you are welcome to see the painting in person in my home studio.

Fallbrook Eucalyptus California impressionist oil painting

“Fallbrook Eucalyptus”
9 x 12 inch oil painting
on wood panel

In late winter, California fields and meadows think it’s spring. The first bit of rain brings back the green grass and a scattering of flowers.
I decided to paint this one with a secondary triadic color scheme, ignoring some of the actual color in favor of adding a bit of harmony from a limited palette.
That means, in non art-speak, that I chose to impose a color scheme upon the scene rather than painting exactly what nature gave me. And the color scheme I chose uses not primary colors (red yellow and blue) but the secondary colors they can be mixed to produce – orange, green and violet.

This painting is now sold but I have others.
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California desert wildflowers landscape painting – Anza Borrego

“Desert Wildflowers”
14 x 18 inches, oil on canvas
Anza Borrego State Park, California

Down a dusty desert road and up a canyon in Anza Borrego State Park, we came upon a beautiful scene tucked out of the way. The desert was blooming with color. Although the rain had not been plentiful it was enough to germinate the seeds that brought these flowers. And they were fun to paint …

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California landscape eucalyptus painting – Beside Still Waters

“Beside Still Waters”
18 x 24 inch oil painting
On the road to Yosemite, through California’s Central Valley

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This scene has intrigued me from when I first saw it a few years ago, in the spring. California’s Central Valley was green with a plentitude of winter rain, and the distant Sierra foothills provided a beautiful cool contrast to the warm wildflower covered foreground. The pond, which seemed to be dammed up for cattle grazing, looked so inviting. If it wasn’t on fenced off private property, I would have liked to sit by it and dangle my feet in that cool fresh water. Eucalputus remain among my favorite trees to paint, although they are less plentiful the further you drive to the foothills. Oaks seem to dominate there. The day we were there, the clouds were drifting by constantly, creating beautiful shadows which I took full advantage of.

Mariposa Meadow – Sierra foothills California landscape oil painting

“Mariposa Meadow – Trabucco Gardens with wildflowers”
9 x 12 inches, oil on plein air panel

When spring comes to the Western Sierra foothills, the meadows light up with color. Goldfields, a small yellow flower, mixes it up with lupine and white popcorn flowers. Valley oaks, now garbed in green, provide a backdrop for the tapestry. This scene was from an area along the Golden Chain Highway, otherwise known as state highway 49, I believe. A nearby sign said “Trabucco Gardens,” so I believe they may be the owner of this spectacular property. This time of year you can set up an easel just about anywhere in California and find beauty to capture.

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