Long Hair

Drawing, Pen and Ink, Portraits, sketch | November 21, 2005 | By

I had wanted to get to the Doodah parade this weekend, but work called so we had to pass. So, to make up for the people drawing opportunity I drew this person instead from a photo reference. She’s not the doodah type – a bit reserved and contemplative for that, but had an interesting face all the same.
This was drawn with a dip pen and brush with a water soluble ink which bled a bit when I ran clean water over it. The head was sort of hanging there in the white of the page so I scanned it with a frame around so it wouldn’t look so … disembodied.


  1. hfm
    November 21, 2005


    I like very much your work. This head had an expression and I like the ink work

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