Beagle Dog Pet Portrait oil painting Commission

Beagle pet portrait oil painting
10 x 10 inches
SOLD, painted on commission

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How time flies! I painted this portrait for a family last year, and because it was intended as a Christmas present I didn’t post it here on my blog, lest the secret be spoiled. Then time moved on and I forgot to mention it. So, I’m presenting it now as an example of an animal portrait – I’ll post the companion portrait of a collie in a few days.

Portraits (of animals or people) make special, unforgettable holiday gifts. It’s a good time to place your order now, as things get busier and busier as the end of the year approaches.

The client for this one lives in a different state from me, so I needed to work from a provided photo instead of taking one myself. But I loved the angle and pose, so I was quite happy to use it.


  1. Marian Fortunati
    October 30, 2012

    This is just darling, Karen… Hope to see you about town in the near future.

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