Pasadena Colorado Street Bridge Plein Air Painting – The Bridge Aglow

Colorado Street Bridge, Pasadena, oil painting from the viewpoint of the Robinson House


“The Bridge Aglow”
(Colorado Street Bridge, Pasadena)
11 x 14
Oil painting on linen panel

This painting is sold, but you can see more Pasadena paintings here

The Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena is an icon that I never tire of painting. This painting was started on site last fall, and has been waiting for me to put on the finishing touches. The viewpoint is the eastern side of the Arroyo Seco, not far from the Federal Courthouse, formerly known as the Vista Del Arroyo Hotel.

There used to be monthly California Art Club paintouts at the arroyo, but I don’t think they’re doing that any longer. I liked this viewpoint for painting the bridge because it shows it in relation to both sides of the canyon, although not the entire span.


  1. Nita amar
    October 24, 2011

    Did you make prints from your Colorado St. bridge painting? I love that bridge and want a picture of it. Love your painting!!

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