Sunset Surf – California seascape oil painting


“Sunset Surf”
8 x 10 oil

This painting is sold, however I have more seascape paintings at Karen Winters Seascapes

California seascape … dramatic clouds make colorful accents to this Southern California marine seascape. Whenever there is a marine layer with breaks for the sun, the sunsets are spectacular. I’m getting ready to do some plein air painting one day this week at the San Clemente Plein Air Festival, as I did last year. If we don’t have days of June gloom it should be fun!

If you have a question or or would like to find out if a painting is still available for sale…..

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  1. Marian Fortunati
    June 21, 2010

    Lovely colors, Karen!

  2. Sloan
    June 10, 2013


    Is your “Sunset Surf” for sale?


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