California landscape oil painting – tonalist fine art – Karen Winters

Under the California Sun
9 x 12
oil on linen panel

This new painting was influenced by some studying of tonalists such as George Inness, and my continued explorations using a more monochromatic color palette in some works. Yes, I still love my saturated colors, but there are different atmospheric effects and moods that can be achieved by changing things up. Eucalyptuses are entertaining to paint under any light or atmospheric conditions.

My husband and I attended the gala of the LA Art Show, presented by the Los Angeles Fine Art Dealers Association at the LA Convention Center. It was a thoroughly satisfying experience, and we enjoyed seeing new work by some of our favorite galleries, including George Stern Fine Art, The Redfern Gallery, William A Karges Fine Art, The Arcadia Gallery, Galerie Michael, Sullivan Goss, and Rehs Gallery

In spite of the pouring rain and my still recovering ankle, it was a night to remember!


  1. Ramona Davidson
    January 25, 2010

    The sky really grabs one’s attention on this picture. Lovely and well done.

  2. vivien
    January 25, 2010


    and I agree – though I too am a colourist painter, playing with monochrome and limited colour can be fun. I’ve been doing the same thing in my latest piece, though with a very different palette :>)

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