Arroyo Seco Trail, Colorado Street Bridge painting, revisited

“Arroyo Seco Trail”
9 x 12 inches, oil on canvas
SOLD (commission)

I like to paint new things, as a rule, because it’s fun to interpret new subject matter and challenge myself – but from time to time I get a request from a client to paint a new version of a previous painting. In this case, a gentleman saw the painting I used on my postcard of my solo show this spring (sold during the show) and asked it I would paint another version for his daughter as a Christmas present. The family used to live in Pasadena and had fond memories of the Arroyo Seco and their walks together. I was happy to do this for him. Of course, no two paintings are ever exact copies, due to different shapes of the canvas as well as differences in creative interpretation. He was delighted with this treatment and I hope that his daughter will be, too.

Saturday I had a great time with the California Art Club during a paint out at Randy Higbee’s gallery in Costa Mesa. We were painting models dressed as gods and goddesses from Wagner’s Ring Cycle.


  1. annie
    December 14, 2009

    So lovely, the light on the pathway and your trees, Karen. It feels like such a happy moment there.

    I was relieved to hear you say that one can’t copy things exactly. I’ve been trying some individual Christmas cards with tree ornaments but what I learn from card #1 doesn’t seem to get applied to card # 2.Watercolor sometimes has its own agenda, and perhaps I should relax and stop trying to control it so much. In addition to being inspirational, you cyberspace buddies offer a helpful R & R from card frustrations.

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