Sea Dreams – California Impressionist Seascape by Karen Winters

Sea Dreams
16 x 20 oil on canvas

I’ve been working on this seascape as a demo piece while I’ve been gallery sitting up at Descanso Gardens during our show, and now it’s finished. A few days of drying and I may take it up to the gallery. Several of my works have sold so far, so this will be a replacement piece to hang for the next one.

Or … I may hold it back for the Glendale Open Studio Tour which is coming up on Sunday September 14. I’ll be displaying a half a dozen paintings to that annual event. Here’s a flyer about it … more details to come. The reception for the show will be held at the Brand Library on September 13 from 3-5 pm. You can see one representative piece from all artists on the tour …

Today, late in the day, I had the pleasure of talking to a great group of kids and young adults. They asked excellent questions – better than a lot of adults ask, and I was happy to share my love of painting and art with them. I told them that I’d post this painting tonight, so here you are, I hope you enjoy seeing the result. And if you check back in a few days you’ll see the finished version of the landscape I was working on today up at the gallery.


  1. wendy
    September 2, 2008

    My six year old great granddaughter Letila (sort of) says your pictures look so real! She is a lovely little draw-er herself so I’ll try and post one of her pics in the geelong blog. I’ve been too taken up with Fiji things that I haven’t looked much at the art blogs lately.

  2. delph
    September 3, 2008

    It’s gorgeous – and the title you gave it is perfect, I watch this and just dream to sail away!

  3. Luba
    September 3, 2008

    This one really shimmers! Sounds like you had a wonderful day at the gallery, too, with your group of visitors.

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