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Malibu Magic – 16 x 20 oil on canvas – Available

This is another seascape which was painted for the Descanso show.

I’m starting to unwind, now after all the activity and energy of the month. Tomorrow might actually be the first day that I’ll choose to “sleep in” which means a little later than 7 am (unless Foggy the cat wakes me up – which she is accustomed to doing.)

I heard some pretty good quotes about art over the weekend. Frank Webb is quite the storyteller and I’ve observed that people who demonstrate watercolor have a repertoire of good stories and quotes to share while they’re waiting for washes to dry. I haven’t seen that many oil painters demonstrate but so far I haven’t noticed as much raconteurship.

Robert Henri: Every person should be the master of such as he has. (In other words if you’re a carpenter, be the best carpenter you can be. Likewise a clerk, a plumber, or an artist.)

Andrew Loomis: Every piece of the painting should look like it’s been painted.

O’Hara: One should not gossip in paint (meaning, to paint meaningless strokes, or to “chatter.”

Maurice Grosser on “painting in public.”: A painting becomes a work of art when it gets sold and can have a life of its own other than your studio.

Frank Webb: The secret of a happy life is to really ENJOY ‘Plan B.’


  1. Casey
    October 16, 2007

    This is magnificent. There is something unique in the light you paint – I think I’d recognize a painting of yours among many.

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