Sheltering Sycamore

“Sheltering Sycamore” 8 x 10 oil

This is the last of my Descanso demonstration paintings, which I finished yesterday afternoon. It is a local painting of a clump of sycamore trees only a mile or so from our house at the edge of the Angeles National Forest. I have painted this cluster before – and they are beautiful in every season. Some autumns, the sycamores turn a range of colors from red orange to green gold to yellow. In other years the leaves simply turn a dusty brown and fade. I suppose that it depends upon what the weather is doing – or perhaps it’s a matter of drought and what kind of summer it was.

I will be at the gallery most of the day today, Thursday, and tomorrow a new group of painters will arrive. Then, it will be time to turn my attention back to some larger paintings and framing some of the juried works for upcoming shows.


  1. wendy
    October 11, 2007

    Hey, that does look myopic! Like Monet’s ‘waterlilies’ in his old age. Okay, only kidding. It’s a nice experiment with paint and it looks like you had fun doing it.

  2. Swantje
    October 11, 2007

    I made it to the gallery today, on the final day. I’m glad I did. It was fun to meet Karen and see her paintings.

  3. Linda T
    October 12, 2007

    Karen, your painting is just advancing by leaps and bounds. Wow! I love this one. It is so fresh and captures the outdoors and the light. I’m in awe!!

  4. Christeen
    October 12, 2007

    This is gorgeous. I particularly like the kiss of sunlight on the hillside.

  5. Ellen Brandin
    October 13, 2007

    I love your oil paintings and it does seem to me that they are getting better and better. I think that you said you went back to oils sometimes last year. Had you done a lot of oils before that? I know that you are one of the most prolific painters in the Everyday Matters Grooup. and I am sure this has contributed to the wonderful quality of your work, as well as to your innate talent. You are indeed an inspiration.

  6. rose
    October 13, 2007

    how do you find the time to paint like you do?
    i have children and i can never seem to find the time..
    do you have kids?
    just wonderin’…

  7. Karen
    October 13, 2007

    Rose, yes I do have two wonderful grown adult children who are very supportive of my fine art career. I have time to paint a bit more now that they are graduated from college and into their own work than I did when my husband and I were raising them. I think that being a parent is a great joy and awesome responsibility and deserves serious priority in life. I’m sure you will find that you have more time, too, when this phase of your parenting is completed.

  8. aly
    October 17, 2007

    You have a really beautiful paintings, I love your landscapes. Congratulations :)

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