Vineyard Oak

Vineyard Oak – 9 x 12 original oil painting

We are winding down at the gallery – only three days to go before we pack up and go home on Thursday night. It’s been a good run – an interesting and educational experience in many ways. This painting was started today at the Carriage House and finished at home. As much as I enjoy painting in public I still need some quiet time alone to bring a piece to completion. My guess is that this stately oak will remain growing for some time and will not end up as a barrel. In fact, I believe these evergreen live oaks are protected species.

The inspiration for this painting was a road leading out of Paso Robles, off the 101 freeway. This is central coast wine country where the climate is just right to produce a wide range of varietal wines.


  1. joyce
    October 13, 2007

    Wow, really lovely. beautiful brushstrokes in this.

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