High Desert Trails – Karen Winters Daily Painting

SOLD “High Desert Trails” 8 x 10 oil on board (road from Palm Springs to Idyllwild)

This painting was started over the weekend at Descanso Gardens as a demonstration painting for people who took a few moments to visit our gallery. I finished it on Sunday night at home and now it’s ready to post.

As I explained to our guests, this painting started with a photo that I took along the road from Palm Springs to Idyllwild in an area known as Pine Crest which looked as though it was soon to be graded and developed. When I’m painting at the gallery I usually bring a photo reference to work from – often something I’m been thinking about for some time. I don’t think that I’ll have time or space to bring this painting back to the gallery, but it’s available.


  1. Annie
    October 3, 2007

    I love the colors, shapes, the pattern, Karen.
    I wish I had a wall but I have no place for it.

  2. Katherine
    October 10, 2007

    Stunner! I love the colours and the comp.

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