Mandus Tail

As well as doing portraits, I’ve been doing a series of sketches of Mandu’s features – her tail, her paws, her eyes. More will be posted later. I’m exploring using different media to see which represents the texture the best. The graphite pencil seemed best for the smooth fuzzy tail as well as her scruffy flank. A few additional strokes attempt to describe a corduroy cushion on an old pressed wood oak chair. Northern noonday light was coming in the window to the right.


  1. Linda T
    June 17, 2006

    Wow, you have made this look so real and soft. I can almost sense the smoothness of Mandu’s fur. It’s beautiful.

  2. Ann Fortenberry
    June 17, 2006

    You have caught the spirit of A Very Fine Tail with that graphite. Cats can be so expressive with them– I almost see a DO NOT DISTURB sign.

  3. Linda
    June 17, 2006

    Karen, I’ve been off the computer for the last bit and so have missed all the goings-ons with Cat Mandu. So sorry to hear that she’s not doing so well — but it sounds like maybe there’s a rallying going on! Your drawings of her are all so wonderful!

  4. Sioux
    June 17, 2006

    Wonderful sketch, Karen. I love the way you captured her tabbiness!! I am always so curious about cat patterns. Our Gus is beginning to get that boney bedragled look. I know it’s hard for you and for Mandu…I thinking of you! Hugs.

  5. Karen
    June 17, 2006

    Thank you Lindas, Annie and Sioux.

  6. Katherine Tyrrell
    June 18, 2006

    I’ve commented on this elsewhere – but forgot tosay how well you’ve captured the scruffy way the coat looks as they get really old. It loses shine and always looks ‘messed up’ – a bit like my hair first thing in the morning. I hope you get enough sketches done to do a really nice painting of her.

  7. Felicity
    June 18, 2006

    Lovely composition!

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