Another opening, another show

A different view of an opening magnolia blossom from Descanso.
As part of an ongoing experiment with some art friends, I painted the background with Van Dyke brown watercolor, then scumbled some white gouache over top. When that was dry I drew the flower and stems and painted it with watercolor and gouache, and touched it up with a little colored pencil at the end.

I might go back and add the genus and species later, but maybe not. This was done mostly for practice.
I wish these magnolias bloomed all year. I just love, love, love them.


  1. endment
    March 30, 2006

    I am glad you are painting more of this magnolia


    Tried to leave a comment about the buds but blogger keept eating it.

  2. Linda
    March 30, 2006

    Beautiful! I just love these flowers, too.

  3. Deb
    March 30, 2006

    Oh your magnolia took my breathe away…..and it really brought home that yes Deb Spring is coming to the midwest. Lovely thanks for sharing

  4. TeriC
    March 30, 2006

    Absolutely beautiful. I was amazed to see the different things you used to get this beautiful effect! I get too narrow in my thinking and need to be more open like you. I also lovelovelove magnolia’s. I had one in Wisconsin and when I moved my daughter transplanted it to her house so I still get to see it.

  5. Dianne
    March 30, 2006

    Wow, Karen, that is really wonderful. I love the techique, I have never used gouche only transparent watercolors. Good job.

  6. Ulla
    March 30, 2006

    I love the background, it makes the magnolia look antique like. Beautiful…

  7. Jean Mikulla
    March 30, 2006

    Very interesting use of materials. The finished product speaks for itself. It is not only beautiful, it is interstiong. Jean

  8. Sioux
    March 30, 2006

    Wow, Karen, another beauty. Love the color.

  9. Detlef
    March 31, 2006

    Very impressive – I like the depth you’ve got looking into the bloom.

  10. Carolyn
    April 19, 2006

    I love magnolias too. The ones at my house are just starting to bud so it will be awhile before they are as open as yours. I really like the background effect you did here.

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