Illo Friday – Float

Sometimes life takes mysterious twists and turns and it’s a challenge just to stay afloat.
But what a ride.


  1. Aravis
    October 5, 2005

    I love the background effect. It sets off the boat perfectly and gives it a lovely dream-like quality.

  2. kisane
    October 5, 2005

    there are times when i wish seas were calm and blue. i could do with less excitement these days.

    but i do like your illio. i did something quite similar with the float idea.

  3. Urban Convert
    October 6, 2005

    This is a great idea, and superb execution.

  4. isay
    October 6, 2005

    what you have said touched me …..more than the beautiful illustration you have made.

  5. Ian C. Thomas
    October 6, 2005

    Wow! How’d you do this? Is it a real painting on canvas, because it’d be sensational on a wall somewhere!

    This picture brings to mind Edgar Allen Poe’s Descent into the Maelstrom and it’d make a great book jacket.

  6. victorie
    October 6, 2005

    this one reminds me very much of a recurring(?) dream i used to have, i’m glad i’m not in it now..
    beautiful colors and well executed idea!

  7. Tony
    October 6, 2005

    Wow! Great execution!

  8. Toni
    October 6, 2005

    I like your take on float. Sometimes i like where my twists and turns take me and sometimes not. But then where would the excitment come from.
    Great illustration Karen.

  9. Karen
    October 6, 2005

    Ian, it’s completely digital, done in Photoshop but I like your idea of painting it on canvas, maybe I’ll do that.

    You mentioned book cover … in fact, I am using this as a portfolio piece for a movie poster. I think it could work as a “teaser” campaign …


  10. carla
    October 6, 2005

    There’s such a feeling of mystery to this…like a ghost ship appearing in a storm, or being sucked into a whirlpool. I love the colors, the movement, and the texture you’ve created here.

  11. Julie Durocher
    October 6, 2005

    This IS really mysterious…but I love it! Great colors!

  12. Julie Durocher
    October 6, 2005

    Oh and Karen, nice new fall banner across the top of your page…that is new right? Or has it just been too long since I have visited here?

  13. Teri
    October 7, 2005

    This is just beautiful Karen.

  14. Evy
    October 9, 2005

    I feel like I am repeating everyone else who has commented. This is a wonderful piece. I like both the background and the old ship. I think the ship is really great and really detailed (from this view). The circular pattern/motion in the background adds a mysterious touch to the drawing. It actually gave reminded me of ‘twilight zone’ (or black hole in space) kind of mysterie.

  15. Nita
    October 9, 2005

    Ditto to all the previous comments–this is hypnotic. It’s the lead for an adventure story.

  16. Redondowriter
    October 9, 2005

    Wow, this would make a great Soul Collage card. I love this piece, Karen.

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