Illustration Friday – Roots

This is something that I had already drawn last year in the forest near our house, so I couldn’t resist using it.
It was painted in a book I made using 140 lb. watercolor paper, using Caran d’Ache neocolor II watercolor crayons and a Niji waterbrush – very portable for working while sitting on a rock by a stream! I added the text later when I scanned it.

You can find the rest of that week’s paintings here

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  1. Aravis
    September 7, 2005

    This is beautifully done, Karen.

  2. rainbowtrout
    September 7, 2005

    This is a lovely illustration. The colour is beautiful. :)

  3. Toni
    September 7, 2005

    What beautiful work you do! I roamed around a bit.
    just lovely
    thank you for visiting my blog
    I will come back to yours again.

  4. carla
    September 7, 2005

    Beautiful, soft colors and a nice little close up of the roots. You know, I see a little face in the top root…

  5. Mustashrik
    September 8, 2005

    beautiful! so soft and soothing is your illustration 😉


  6. lindsay
    September 8, 2005

    Karen this drawing of roots and the ones you did this week are reallylovely. What a gentle touch…. the soft colors and flowing lines make me feel
    peaceful in a stressful week! thanks. I’m about to throw away my super delux aquabee sketchbook! Arches watercolor paper is so much more satisfying!
    I can’t lift a thing from that darn Aquabee paper

  7. Karen
    September 8, 2005

    Thank you everyone …

    Lindsay …I know what you mean about paper. I like the price of the Superaquabee but it just doesn’t compare to “the real thing” when you want to do portraits or subtle things. I’m just working on individual sheets of paper, folded into signatures, this week. When I’m done with all the painting I’ll sew them into a nice big book.

  8. Ian C. Thomas
    September 8, 2005

    This is an excellent, naturalistic study with carefully selected (and framed) texture, shape and
    light – a really excellent watercolour sketch! I particularly like the way the roots are all trailing off
    towards the right.

  9. Sultry Painter Woman
    September 8, 2005

    You have NO idea what I would give for a forest near my house! I fondly remember hikes and picnics as a Brownie Scout when we went to Devil’s Gate Dam, Henniger Flats or Red Box.

  10. coffee
    September 9, 2005

    wow! how did you colour it?!
    do visit and comment mine :-)

  11. victorie
    September 9, 2005

    this is very, very nice, the softness of the colors is beautiful…

  12. coffee
    September 9, 2005

    thanks for the reply. silly me must hv been too busy while in office haven’t read your description but was mesmerised by the beauty of your work 😛

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