Mooonstone Beach Sunset Oil Painting, Cambria, California

Moonstone Beach, Cambria
Oil Painting
“The Wind from the Sea”
10 x 20 inches

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This panoramic painting of Moonstone Beach, in Cambria is a larger piece based on the field study I did several months ago. Moonstone Beach is one of our favorite places to go when we’re in the Central Coast area. The Hamlet Restaurant has wonderful jazz performances, and walks along the beach are so romantic. I would imagine it’s been the site of countless weddings and marriage proposals.

If you enjoy visiting the Cambria area, you should discover the Milford Haven books of my friend Mara Purl who writes wonderfully about a fictional Central California town with a strong resemblance to Cambria.


  1. Christine Daly
    March 2, 2012

    Is this painting on canves or board and what would the overall dimention be framed?
    Also,Ii would lik to know the price.
    i am looking for a petice oil 8/9″high X 22 wide

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