Beside still waters

“Beside Still Waters” – 12″ x 16″ – oil on canvas

Inspired by the 23rd Psalm, this painting of a row of eucalyptuses and deciduous trees beside still waters was an experiment using a more colorist approach than I have attempted in the past. It’s a potential new direction for me. What do you think?

  1. Kathleen
    July 26, 2007

    What do I think? I think it is outstanding! Exceptional! Fabulous! I love it, I think your new direction is wonderful–keep it up!!

  2. Nancy Bea
    July 26, 2007

    I love it! It’s one of your most appealing pieces yet. If you feel drawn in this direction I’d run towards it, arms open wide.

  3. Annie
    July 26, 2007

    I agree with Kathleen and Nancy Bea, it has great appeal and charm. I always love what you do with sky and water and space.
    It will be fun to follow where this is taking you.

  4. Jo Castillo
    July 26, 2007

    I love color and this is just fantastic. Will be interested to see your new path and how it develops. Thanks for sharing.


  5. wendy
    July 27, 2007

    It’s good to associate a painting with a title that is more than just a placename, but sometimes artists go over the top with titles that really sound poncy, highfaluting, or literary lines but this one fits well. Beside still waters gives us enough associatons to to think about.

  6. Lennea Truesdell
    July 27, 2007

    How BEAUTIFUL! I have just started a new Yahoo! Group called Art in the Word. It is a group for Christian artists of all mediums and has a weekly challenge to create a piece based on scripture or a Christian theme. Our first challenge is Psalm 23:2!!! Your painting captures this verse so beautifully. I would like to invite you to join this talented group of women. You can check out our site here


  7. Tami
    July 27, 2007

    Oh, Oh, Oh,!!! This is STUNNING! I love the colors in it! How many ways can I say, “BEAUTIFUL” ?

  8. Creekhiker
    July 27, 2007

    Karen, I love it. The colors are excellent.

    I also LOVE the City Hall – one of my favorite spots. Congrats on the Brand Library show.

  9. Jenny
    July 29, 2007

    Your work is becoming more beautiful and more interesting, though I thought it was beautiful and interesting before.

  10. carole
    July 29, 2007

    To echo many others, I love it! I would love to see more experiments in this vein.

    Well done on your many achievements these last few days. Well deserved, and beautiful paintings. I love the colour on the town hall (was it a town hall? – the building) and I also like the clouds/mist in the hills on the painting below it that you sold to the same collector. Lucky buyer!

  11. Linda
    July 29, 2007

    yes yes yes!!! I LOVE the color in this — it is fantastic!

  12. carra
    July 30, 2007

    I’m with all the rest – this is beautiful! Especially the colours!

  13. Bee
    July 30, 2007

    Beautfiul work!! I love the colours you have used and I think you should definitely experiment further wtih this style.

  14. melanie
    July 30, 2007

    gorgeous piece!!!

  15. Lea
    July 30, 2007

    Wow, really gorgeous. You are such a confidant painter… it shows!

  16. Crafty Green Poet
    July 31, 2007

    I love the glow of the sky in this piece. Wonderful.

  17. miriam
    July 31, 2007

    I think it’s just beautiful and a direction you should take.

  18. Royce
    July 31, 2007


  19. Cheryl B
    July 31, 2007

    This is a stunning piece! You do beautiful work!

  20. titration
    August 1, 2007

    Not only is this really lovely but I have always had a respect for people who can paint well with oils!

  21. Laura
    August 2, 2007

    LOVE this!! Well done. I really like the strong shapes and colours. Its so confident and really makes a statement.

  22. Katherine
    August 3, 2007

    You should definitely be doing more work like this – you’ve both seen and handled the colour really well.