Road Trip. Stop #1

Friday morning we headed out of town to drive up the coast to do some interviews for a show we’re working on. We got about a half a mile from our front door before we stopped for coffee and a cinnamon bun to share. “Road food.” Breakfast of champions. Or at least, Breakfast of road warriors. I need to get out of the car every hour or so and stretch my bad knee so it doesn’t stiffen up on me. 20 ounces of coffee is a pretty safe way to guarantee periodic stops. Well-caffeinated and sugarfied, we hit the road in earnest. I’d tell you the name of the coffee and bun place but they’re not kicking in for product placement. I’ll just call it Ishmael’s.

Friday’s weather was spectacular – in the low 70s F, with blue sky and occasionally puffy clouds. Trees were turning color all the way up the coast, but of course we had an appointment time and couldn’t stop for drawing. Taking pictures and picking up leaves was the best I could do. I think the leaves will hold their color for a day or two longer …


  1. pink
    November 6, 2005

    Cap-n A’hab’s got nice buns! Call me Ismael! Hehe, that’s very witty! I like the yellow splotch.

    I grew up in Southern California, this is definitely the best time of year there. Sorry about your bum knee.

    Thanks as always for the great blog!

  2. Karen
    November 6, 2005

    Yellow splotch? Ooops – random yellow Caran d’ache does it again!
    Do you see the face of Ahab or Stubb on that bun? It might be a sign!
    Keep looking … deeper … deeper ……

  3. lindsay
    November 7, 2005

    Love your breakfast of rushed chamions! I love to travel but also find long car trips tedioius. Can’t wait to see your curmpled hotel linen. I had
    a similar experience with a crumpled paper bag! Love the challange idea!

  4. pink
    November 7, 2005

    Is that from one of those Caran d-ache crayons? Wow, excellent.

    How did I come up with Ahab? Man, I’m losing my mind. I thought I read that in your writing somewhere. It’s that spiral figuration I guess. Or maybe it’s something else…

  5. Teri
    November 8, 2005

    Karen, you are always so inspiring with your art, right down to opportunities and your descriptions.

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