Guarding His Girls

The rooster at the petting zoo was extremely protective of his two hens. He looked pretty good in his crisp white suit. And he knew it.

Art Thought of the Day from Patricia Harrington, in the October 2004 issue of Artist’s Sketchbook:
“A beginning painter can learn about tools and techniques from books and workshops, but if she would just start painting she’d eventually stumble over, back into or just learn most of what she needs to know.”

Me: I’m sure hoping that will start to stumble over what I need to know this year. I read everything I can get my hands on, but at some point you just have to sit down and give it a go. That’s my resolution for the year, so I might as well get started.

Things I’d do differently and things I learned:
More lost and found edges. He looks like a cutout
Think about creating a cast shadow to ground him
Paint on a tilted surface for better control of the wet in wet washes.

Museum of Media History

Editorial/opinion | January 10, 2006 | By

Do you ever wonder where the confluence of news, personal datamining, online shopping and customization will take us?
Here’s one futuristic view … allow about 8 min for viewing.

Visit the Museum of Media History

Spectacular wildlife and nature photography

Nature | January 9, 2006 | By

Don’t pass up this fantastic online exhibition of the best nature and wildlife photography of the year.
Sponsored by the National Wildlife Magazine/National Wildlife Federation
National Wildlife Federation Photo Contest Winners