Snowy Sunset, Truckee River – oil painting

Snowy Sunset, Truckee River
12 x 16 inches, oil on linen panel

Well, another year gone by and although I’m still painting as much as ever (perhaps more than ever) I have been too busy to keep up with this blog. So I’ll try to do better in 2023.
I’ve spent a lot more time this year in the general area of Lake Tahoe, enjoying stays with family, so I’ll be showing more Tahoe work – in different seasons – than I have in the past.
The Truckee River is especially inspiring – from the upper Truckee to the part that goes along the River Road and ends up at the dam in Tahoe City.
This painting is of the Upper Truckee, with one of those dazzling Tahoe sunsets.

If you have a particular place you’re fond of in the area, I’d love to hear about it. I’m new to the region and don’t know all the choice viewing spots yet, especially out of the way ones.

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