Oak Tree Lighted Path Oil Painting by Karen Winters

“Along the Lighted Path”
11 x 14 oil painting on linen panel

• SOLD to a new collector from San Francisco

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From the shelter of an old oak tree, one sees light on the trail beyond. This painting is intended as a metaphor of protection and shelter, with the promise of bright adventures ahead. Or, you can read your own story into it! That’s fine, too. The painting is wet so there’s some glare from the light toward the top.

Speaking of oak trees, and trees in general, Descanso Gardens is now open again and the power is on at the Boddy House – it had been out until yesterday. That means that I will be at the Heritage Gallery in the Boddy House this Saturday and Sunday, if you’ve been planning a visit.


  1. annie
    December 10, 2011

    Oh, another of your trees…What a venerable old gentleman, he is…And I love the atmosphere you are getting with the light and shadow .

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