Still Life with Red Vase – Karen Winters

5 x 7 oil
Still Life with Red Vase

A small study of a vase with a sprig of abelia from a bush blooming outside our door. Painted from life.

I’m off to a nocture paintout this evening, which should be an interesting challenge. I’ve scouted the location and know what to expect, generally, but lighting is always a surprise.

This past week I’ve been trying to spend some time catching up and decluttering my studio. It’s easy to let things get out of control when painting on deadline and doing the multitude of other things that an art business involves. In the act of sorting, filing and calendar updating I gain a greater feeling of control and relaxation and in a small way, I almost look forward to that time. Order … tranquility … letting the mind settle quietly.

Gotta run … more later.


  1. Timaree (freebird)
    September 29, 2008

    Nice still life. Love the colors.

    That feeling of being in control of the mess is great feeling alhthough it lasts for too short a time!

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