California Farmhouse

California Farmhouse – Aprox 9″ x 12″ – watercolor

While I continue to work on my big painting (yes, I finally put brush to paper yesterday on that snowy white sheet) here is a painting I did a few weeks ago as a practice using warm and cool colors alternatively. The actual scene was rather lackluster with uninteresting lighting so I decided to spice it up a bit using a range of colors typical of the California scene painters of the 30s and 40s.

I might paint this one larger, too, some day.

OK, back to work for me …


  1. Linda
    May 30, 2007

    Oooh …. I love the warm versus cool. This is so fresh and beautiful!

  2. wendy
    May 30, 2007

    The old Rlosemary Clooney song ‘This old house’ popped into my head when I looked at your farmhouse, though I’m sure your farmhouse is not fallking down! Lovely fresh picture. Somehow you never seem to overdo it but know when to say when!

  3. Tami
    May 31, 2007

    Godd for you Karen, looking forward to seeing it. I like the lack of fine detail in this one…and the colors you used.

  4. hfm
    May 31, 2007

    Great colors!

  5. Wendee
    June 1, 2007

    This made me stop and think, “Oooooooo!” Oh how great!

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