High Desert Ravine

“High Desert Ravine” – watercolor – 8″ x 10″ – available

A roadside stop on the way to Idyllwild provided the inspiration for this watercolor sketch. Sagebrush, crumbing granite and the scruffy native bushes gave me an interesting variety of textures and colors to work with.

Good advice from David Millard on painting:
“Be a doer … don’t just talk about it. Talent is what your mother talks about. Work is what gets you around the bases and score!”


  1. carole
    April 9, 2007

    I am enjoying this loose, lively and luminous (please excuse the alliteration!) painting style that you are developing.

  2. hfm
    April 9, 2007

    I love it and the advise.

  3. Jo Castillo
    April 9, 2007

    Very nice and an inspiring quote. :)

  4. Katherine
    April 10, 2007

    Can I just echo Carole – I very much like how your style is progressing. And the quote is really good too – I’ve not heard that one before!

  5. laserone
    April 10, 2007

    Wow, this is just beautiful. :)

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