Valentine Tulips

pink tulips

Spring Tulips – 5.5″ x 9.25″ – NFS – prints available

My dear husband surprised me with a beautiful pot of tulips for Valentine’s Day. Now that he is participating so much with me in my art activities, he has developed an quite an eye for things I would like to paint. I have always loved tulips, and carried them in my wedding bouquet, but being able to paint them just doubles the enjoyment.

OK, a few art notes about this. After I painted it I realized that it is really a painting made up of just one color and its complement – magenta and yellow green. The gray for the background is something I’ve heard described as “palette gray” – you mix together the various bits of red, maroon, dark green and yellow green and it produces a soft neutral that works well with the bright colors.

On another note … I’ve gotten quite a few emails that people are unable to leave comments when they try – and last night I was getting database error messages from my host when I tried to publish. Please drop me a line and let me know if you’ve run into the same problem, and what system, browser you’re using. Something is afoot but I’m not quite sure what it is. Thanks!


  1. Casey
    February 23, 2007


  2. Renate
    February 23, 2007

    That’s stunning Karen. I love how you put that one tulip into focus. Great!

  3. teric
    February 23, 2007

    Your love for tulips certainly shows in this beautiful painting.

  4. jill
    February 23, 2007

    great job, karen! absolutely love the focal point on the tall tulip and the slightly blurry look on the rest. the colors work together wonderfully and truly make the flowers pop!

  5. martha
    February 23, 2007

    Beautifully done. I do love tulips. The grey background supports those pinks so nicely!

  6. laserone
    February 23, 2007

    Wow, just gorgeous. I just love tulips. This is a gorgeous painting. :)

  7. Linda
    February 24, 2007

    Beautiful! Great tulips — nice deep dark pink in the shadows. I love the palette grey — always the best way to do grey in my opinion! 😉

  8. Jackie
    February 27, 2007

    I like this one a lot!

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