Pink rose trellis – Huntington Gardens Rose Garden

Pink Rose Trellis, Huntington Gardens Rose Garden
12 x 24 inches
Oil on canvas

I just love roses, not only in my own garden, but at two local formal gardens – The Huntington Botanical Gardens and Library in San Marino, CA … and our own local Descanso Gardens in La Canada. These pink ones were real beauties at the peak of bloom.

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Capistrano hollyhocks – California mission garden oil painting

Capistrano Hollyhocks
12 x 9 inch oil on plein air panel

One of the lovely features of Mission San Juan Capistrano, in southern California, is the mission garden which is filled with seasonal flowers such as these hollyhocks. It’s been said that the padres called this biennial plant St. Joseph’s Staff, because of its great height. I have some growing in my own garden and they are close to seven feet tall. What I like about painting hollyhocks is that the petals are so translucent in the sunlight. Capturing the delicacy is challenging, but fun. Palm trees and blooming jacarandas can be seen in the background along with the mission architecture.

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