Pacific Memories – Karen Winters Daily Painting

Pacific Memories – 5 x 7 inches acrylic on canvas on board

Much of the coastline of Northern California (and above) lacks the warm beaches and golden sand we know here, but it is blessed with craggy rocks of every shape and description. These rugged areas invite exploration – but not on a day when the surf is high.

On a different geographical note, there’s a good chance we’ll see snow in the mountains when we wake up – an unusual event for our area. Perhaps in a few days we’ll have a chance to drive up into the Angeles National Forest and see some snow-bedecked trees.


  1. Tami
    December 9, 2007

    I love our wilder coast line, but they don’t invite one to play in the surf much. When I went into town yester day, I could see the tops of the Cascades jutting up, snow capped in the distance; I can’t usually see them, too much mist in the air. The feeling in your rocky, swirling sea is perfect!

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