Laguna Reflections – Crescent Cove – Karen Winters original oil painting

“Laguna Beach Reflections (at Crescent Cove)”
14 x 18 oil on canvas

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(I have more Laguna paintings, please see My seascapes page

For all of your folks who visited me over the weekend at Sierra Madre, here’s how the painting turned out that I was working on when you stopped by.
I had a great time painting there and the cool scene seemed to help me tolerate the stifling heat.

This scene was inspired by my visit to Laguna Beach a month or so ago. What attracted me the most were the reflections in the sand, revealed for just moments as each wave receded. I’ve considered adding a few sea birds to this, either a sandpiper on the shore or a few gulls. What do you think?

I can hardly wait to go back there and paint with those cool ocean breezes.