Breaking Through – Karen Winters Daily Painting

“Breaking Through” – 16 x 20 – oil on canvas – SOLD

This is the next in my series of marine paintings and it will go to the Descanso Gardens gallery in a day or so to replace the one that sold this past Monday. I’m really enjoying exploring this subject matter.

I’m thinking that this theme has been coming into my awareness for some time. I can remember scenes back into my teenage and young adult when I was absolutely rapturous at the sight of stormy skies and filtered light. Perhaps it moved me so much because clouds and storms are rare in Southern California and such events were fleeting and precious. Being on the beach at St. Augustine, Florida, as a storm moved in … seeing a thunderstorm in South Dakota while working on a Habitat for Humanity project … driving through New Mexico during monsoon season … these are images I will never forget. So these paintings are part of my journey of remembering – and I hope that they evoke memories for others as well.