Everyday Matters Challenge – Draw a Collection

Everyday Matters, sketch, Watercolor | September 12, 2005 | By

Once upon a time I decided to collect copper molds as a decorative touch for my kitchen. I probably have a dozen and a half of them but these are a sample. I have used the fish once or twice for a salmon mousse, and I don’t think any have ever been used for green jello and Cool Whip. Many of the molds are various rounded and domed shapes but among the other interesting ones are a lobster. a nesting hen, a bunch of carrots, strawberries and a cat. Yes, a cat. That one sort of stops me in my tracks because I think if one is going to use a mold it should vaguely relate to the food served. Lobster terrine, chicken pate, carrot torte … cat ??? Shudder. Most of these molds were picked up for pennies at garage sales and flea markets from people, no doubt, who grew tired of polishing them or perhaps the recipes wore out their welcome at many a Thanksgiving or potluck supper. For me they are decor, little more.

I painted these on 140 lb. cold pressed watercolor paper, using three different ‘styles.’ The tarnished fish was painted very slowly and with as much detail as my primitive skills would allow. The chicken was painted more rapidly and loosely with more bright colors indicating reflections from other things in the room, and the rabbit (yes, that’s supposed to be a rabbit) was painted even looser still.

Larger image of just the fish

I suppose this could count for “draw something metal” as well, but I’d rather challenge myself to do something different for that one because it will give me another chance to try something new, to experiment and to grow. For me, it’s not about how many I do or how fast I check them off the list, it’s about the enjoyment of doing.